Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Zoe's beachy native bouquets

Zoe was such a beautiful bride to be, her bouquet just had to match her laidback style, not to mention the logistics of a wedding up the coast at Treachery Headland near Forster with the florist(me) in Sydney and a very hot day added to the mix. We had to construct the bouquets and buttonholes by Friday lunch for the Saturday wedding to be transported by car to the venue. For this reason, and also because it suited the beautiful Zoe perfectly, we chose natives with a twist.
Her gorgeous bouquet included proteas, argyle apple eucalyptus, berzillia berries,nandina foliage, leucadendron and agonis flexulosa.

Transporting the flowers was tricky, but with the help of some moist paperbark and foam boxes, the flowers were delivered to the very happy bride who enjoyed an amazing day.

The button holes for the groomsmen and dads were a mixture of eucalyptus, berzillia, leucadendron and paper daisies.


  1. That is an amazing piece of driftwood on the table... what a wonderful idea! As you probably noticed (thanks for the visit!!!), I love driftwood and wish there was more of it to find around where I live. I only have a few pieces leaning against the TV cabinet.


  2. Thanks Maya, yes, driftwood and I are great friends!!
    Thank you for your visit to me, I am just starting out as you can see!!